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Welcome to Basson Direct! Basson Direct is our new venture in domestic CCTV systems. Having amassed a huge wealth of experience in CCTV for the commercial market, we have now entered the domestic and small business CCTV sector, with the introduction of Basson Direct, a new company within the group that has developed and designed a new range of cameras that do not require a professional installer to fit them. Market research suggests that the consumer and DIY surveillance market will top $1 billion for the first time (source: IHS Research) in 2015. This presents an opportunity for resellers of DIY CCTV to tap into this highly lucrative market. Having tested and installed several “so-called” DIY CCTV kits, we were frustrated by how complex they were to install, particularly the process of connecting the DVR to the Internet so that you can monitor and play back recordings remotely. It literally drove us insane at how simple it was to install the cameras and run the cables and how ridiculously difficult it was to change router settings and to set up a static IP address to allow remote viewing.


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